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We all have dreams and we want to accomplish something in our lives. When we were at school, someone wanted to be an astronaut, some to be an engineer, doctor, police, politician etc and every dream is accompanied by unchartered water. Life of a student‟s is under a lot of pressure from different angles- pressure to do well academically, pressure to be popular in class/school, pressure to follow parents instruction/guidance and pressure to ultimately make a good life. The one thread that touches all of these points is the choice of one‟s career i.e. achieving their dream. Hence, the significance of shaping the future of students cannot be undermined. Students are the world of tomorrow and the well-being of our future society lies in the hands of these young generations. Thus, it becomes a morale and social responsibility of all the elders from every walk of life to groom these young students for a better future.

Episode 1- Diligent Public School, Moirang.

Episode 2 - Model Higher Secondary School, Ningthoukhong.

Episode 3 - All Heirok Student Welfare Association (AHSWA), Heirok Part II.

Episode 4 - Merciful English School, Sekmaijing.

Episode 5 - Koubru Education Trust, Phayeng.

Episode 6 - EMRS, Sapermeina, Kangpokpi.

Episode 7 - UNACCO School, Khongman.

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